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Church High is a ministry of Mount Vernon Church of the Nazarene.  The school exists to work alongside parents, making disciples who know Christ and His Word, who are well educated and prepared for their next steps in life, and who know how to think honestly and objectively.

Our goal is to provide a Biblical foundation for learning through Christian curriculum and leadership.  Incorporating parents, senior citizens ministry partners, and specialized community members will facilitate a comprehensive opportunity for all students to learn and grow not only in their academic goals but also in their relationship with Christ Jesus.

Why Church High?

Church High offers high school students Christ centered curriculum in a small classroom environment.  Students will receive full transcripts and, upon successful graduation, a High School Diploma, which is designed to allow acceptance into the college, university or trade school of their choice, locally or abroad. 

Why a home-school co-op?

A Home-School co-op has certain advantages over a traditional public or private school.  Among these are imbedded parental involvement and oversight of their child's education, a substantially reduced cost (compared to traditional private high school), a genuine classroom environment and schedule, and the ability for students to be involved in public school arts and sports.  We can offer a safe environment, a Biblical education, and an open door to public and private community connections.


We are available to answer your questions! Feel free to call or email; we look forward to hearing from you!

Wendy Johnson

Lead Facilitator

Troy Johnson


Mike Roberts

Building and Grounds

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