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At Church High, we take academics seriously.  It is our desire to offer the highest quality in academics, producing students who not only have knowledge, but can analyze and think logically and truthfully.  We center our academics on five core subjects, as well as offering physical education and fine arts.

Social Studies

You remember social studies: geography, civics, history and such.  At Church High, we understand that the worldly system is a reflection of man apart from God.  We aim to present the world through the lens of the Word.


We realize that there is more that we don't know about science than what we do know.  Rather than teaching current science as known facts of man, we aim to present the truth of what we know about God's creation from a Biblical perspective.


Math is a reflection of an All-Mighty, All-Wise Creator.  An understanding of and handle on math is vital for most of the fields our students will pursue.  We aim to offer excellence in understanding and logic from a Biblical perspective.

Language Arts

Christian people must be wise and well-spoken, able to read and understand various viewpoints, and able to communicate the Biblical perspective of love, grace and hope to the generations to come.  We aim to prepare students for effective written and oral communication. 


Above all other topics, our students needs to know the Bible.  We present a four-year program which will take students through the entire Bible on a near-college level during their time at Church High.  The will graduate ready to give an answer for the hope that they have.

Physical Education

The Apostle Paul said that physical training is of some value, as we train in righteousness.  We believe physical education is more than simply running drills, and can be vital to learning to manage the pull of the world on our flesh.  We strive to lead students to submit their bodies to Christ.


The community of Mount Vernon has many great artists in many disciplines including visual, theatric and symphonic.  We partner with the Christian talent in our community to bring quality fine art education to our students

Transcripts and Diplomas

Homeschooling and certain private options can struggle to provide High School students with official transcripts including GPA, and may not be able to provide a transferable diploma.  At Church High, we are gaining accreditation  through Cognia, an international accreditation society.

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